TV Shows Just Don’t Know How to Handle AIDS

Just Another Day In #Duhmerica

For the more money than sense investor

This reminds me of the old Hollywood chestnut about someone pitching a version of “The Wiz” with a white cast.

Someone has a startup to create a “Dropbox for physical storage“. Or, as one douchevestor calls it, “a reverse Amazon.” Of course, a “reverse Amazon” would actually be a service that pays you to get rid of stuff.

Like all terrible ideas in the internet age, investors are flocking to throw money at it. No word yet on whether any war criminals will be added to their board of directors.

Bio on That Made me Roll my Eyes

My name is Liz and I am a world traveler, dreamer, achiever, lover, humanitarian, mentor, entrepreneur, tech geek, marketing maven, ninja, and the proud owner of (redacted).

Wow! you’re all that? And a ninja too? So you can throw shurikens with deadly accuracy? You can hide in the shadows and scale walls in seconds? You carry smoke bombs with you to escape situations quickly?

The TSA For Kids Video Contains No Mention Of Invasive Body Cavity Searches

Also the airport looks like a cock and balls.

Read about it and the TSA coloring book here.